Ruffley's House of Commons questioning reveals East of England hospital beds at a 7 year low

Friday, 5 February, 2010

David Ruffley MP has released new figures, obtained during his questioning of Phil Hope MP, Minister of State for Care Services, which reveal the number of hospital beds in the East of England to be at a 7 year low.

The response to David's question reveals that the number of hospital beds per 100,000 of the population stood at 213 in 2002/03, however, by 2008/09, the latest year for which figures are available, this figure had fallen to 148.5.

David Ruffley today said:

'Despite the Prime Minister's assertion that more money than ever has been pumped into our NHS I can think of no better evidence that funds are failing to reach the frontline than the fact that the number of hospital beds in the region is at a 7 year low.

'There are now over 50 fewer beds per 100,000 of the population than there were 7 years ago. These new House of Commons figures back up what my colleagues and I have been saying for years- the funds put into our NHS are not making a difference to the quality of health care residents receive and are not helping hard working nurses, doctors and support staff across our county to do their job.

'We need to see less money soaked up by backroom bureaucracy and less staff time eroded by red tape and targets. Most of all we need to have faith in our healthcare professionals and ensure that they receive the resources they need to do their jobs.

'I am sure that local people will be disheartened by these new figures and will be hoping, as I am, that a General Election comes as soon as possible.'