Ruffley Welcomes Implementation of Traffic Calming Measures in Honey Hill, Sparhawk Street and Southgate Street

Tuesday, 22 June, 2004

Residents in the Honey Hill, Sparhawk Street and Southgate Street area of Bury St Edmunds have at last won their battle for traffic-calming measures. Work has recently started to narrow junctions and widen pavements, in an effort to slow down speeding cars and lorries.

Local MP David Ruffley, who received a petition from residents over two years ago, has long supported residents' calls for these measures.

Welcoming the news David said: 'I am delighted that the hard work of residents and the campaigning by local Councillor Paul Farmer has finally produced results. This has been a dangerous stretch of road for too long.'

Cllr Farmer added: 'What is now needed is an extension of the 20 mph limit into these roads. Only then will the residents feel that everything possible has been done to improve safety in this major town exit route.'