Ruffley welcomes Greene King to the House of Commons

Thursday, 15 July, 2004

Local Bury St Edmunds Brewer, Greene King, has finally made it into the House of Commons. From next week Ruddles County Ale will be available in the Palace of Westminster.

'I will be toasting Greene King's entry into the House of Commons, the mother of all parliaments, and happily supping one of the finest ales produced by one of our finest old ale houses.

'I am immensely proud that our local brewer, Greene King, is now a major player, a real national force in the pub industry. I am delighted as the local MP to help showcase a tremendous Suffolk company with many fantastic types of ale. Greene King is a fine example of a local business that has never forgotten its roots since it began brewing in Bury St Edmunds over 200 years ago.

'I said in my maiden speech in the House of Commons in July 1997 that I wished to see Greene King ale in the Bars in the Palace of Westminster. I am glad to say that it has finally happened.'

Mr Ruffley will be welcoming the new ale to the Commons on Tuesday 13th July at 12:00pm.