Ruffley welcomes award of Post Office card account contract to Post Office Ltd

Saturday, 22 November, 2008

David Ruffley has welcomed the long overdue decision by the Government to re-award the contract for the Post Office Card Account to the Post Office. The Government has announced the cancellation of the procurement process which it initiated in 2006.

While welcoming the decision, David said:

'It is clear that the process has been deeply destabilising for the Post Office network, especially our local rural post offices which have lived with the threat of closure this year.

'The decision is one that the Government has been shamed into making, from a mixture of internal weakness and splits in their own ranks.

'In my previous shadow ministerial role of Welfare Reform, I continuously challenged Government Ministers to make an early decision. They have dithered and delayed ever since. This announcement should have been made long ago.

'This decision will be very welcome news for all the sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses in my constituency. They have had enough to worry about without this added burden.'