Ruffley Urges End to Traffic Chaos Outside Guildhall Feoffment School

Monday, 27 September, 2004

David Ruffley is urging St Edmundsbury Borough Council to find a solution to the traffic chaos in the mornings outside Guildhall Feoffment School now that the traffic wardens are strictly enforcing the parking restrictions. The informal concession which previously allowed parents to drop off their children appears to have been rescinded.

David acted following receipt of the petition initiated by one of the parents, Mrs Macdonald. He has also been in touch with Mrs Sue Herriott, Headteacher at the school, who is also very keen to find a solution that will be acceptable to all concerned.

David said: 'I am not condoning the flouting of parking restrictions but a sensible solution needs to be found. If everyone can take a more flexible approach to this problem I believe it should be possible to allow some sort of concession that will allow parents to drop their children at school safely without causing difficulty for other road users and local residents.'