Ruffley: "Suffolk Crime Rising In St Edmundsbury And Mid Suffolk Council Election Battlegrounds"

Friday, 25 April, 2003

Conservatives today published new research showing that 99 per cent of the local authority areas with elections on 1st May in England and Wales have experienced some form of rising crime in the last recorded year.

Analysis of the most recent Home Office crime statistics shows that in the last year, almost every single council in England and Wales has faced soaring robberies, burglaries, sexual offences, theft of or from motor vehicles, or violence against the person.

David Ruffley, said:

"Residents in St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Mid Suffolk District Council areas are facing some form of rising crime as the figures I released today prove. Too many residents have a fear of crime when they walk the streets, park their car or leave their home.

"It is clear that the Labour-led so called 'Rainbow Coalition' have failed to deliver on their promises. And Liberal Democrats want to be even softer on criminals, with policies like refusing to jail first-time burglars, weakening the laws on hard drugs, and giving jailed criminals the right to vote in elections.

"St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Mid Suffolk District Council voters shouldn't feel powerless. A new Council can make a difference in the face of rising crime. Conservative candidates support more CCTV, community wardens, better street lighting and a clampdown on 'quality of life' crimes. By voting for local Conservatives on Thursday, you will also be casting a positive vote for local action against rising crime in our part of Suffolk."