Ruffley says Council Tax could soar by a third

Wednesday, 21 July, 2004

This shocking news came to light in the House of Commons today as Local Government Minister Nick Raynsford published the Balance of Funding Review contributed to by a pro-government think tank, the New Policy Institute.

This latest announcement could see council taxes rise well above £2,000 for properties in the area worth over £200,000. Band D levels would rise by over 33% in both Mid Suffolk and St Edmundsbury. Research shows that the Band D tax level in St Edmundsbury would rise from £1,214 this April to £1,619; and in Mid Suffolk from £1,205 to £1,607.

Mr Ruffley said:

'This will come as a huge shock to all those Suffolk residents who have seen their property prices soar in recent years. Suffolk has been a major hotspot for property price rises in East Anglia and many homeowners will be dismayed at this latest proposed Council tax hike imposed by this Government. It will hammer ordinary hard working homeowners in Suffolk.

'This is the latest example of another Labour stealth tax, which will hit families that are not particularly well off the hardest of all.'