Ruffley now demands NHS answers: 'Will obese patients be denied knee and hip operations at West Suffolk Hospital?'

Monday, 28 November, 2005

David Ruffley has today written to the Chief Executives of both the Suffolk West PCT and the West Suffolk Hospitals NHS Trust following the admission by Primary Care Trusts in East Suffolk that they have banned obese patients from receiving hip and knee replacements.

David said:

'I am shocked to hear what is taking place in East Suffolk. There it has been admitted the decision has been taken because of the 'pressing financial problems of the NHS in East Suffolk'.

'But I'm concerned about the situation in West Suffolk. I want to know if those in charge of the NHS in West Suffolk plan to impose the same restrictions. I have now written to the Chief Executive of the West Suffolk Hospital and the PCT to demand answers to what is happening in West Suffolk, not East Suffolk.'