Ruffley in new initiative to provide much needed football changing facilities at Chilton Fields

Monday, 26 November, 2007

David Ruffley MP has launched a new initiative to provide much needed changing facilities for football teams at Chilton Fields in Stowmarket.

David's practical idea of asking large housebuilding companies who have an interest in Stowmarket- Crest Nicholson, Bovis Homes, Bellway Homes, Laurence Homes, Persimmon Homes and Maitland Homes- to sponsor a portacabin type temporary building which can be fitted out as football changing rooms, is a practical approach to the present stalemate.

David has been lobbied by the Stowmarket football community over a long period and has held meetings with Mid Suffolk District Council to try to find a way forward. However, it is clear that, in the short term, no new football facilities will become available in the Stowmarket area.

The local football clubs who use Chilton Fields are unable to raise money themselves through grants to provide changing facilities because they have no permanent status on the site. Therefore, at present, they are unable to make progress in the leagues because they do not have any facilities of their own to offer visiting teams.

David said:

'I have launched this new initiative because the football community are desperate to have changing facilities at Chilton Fields. We need to find a practical solution now for the short term.

'To break this stalemate I am asking large housebuilding companies, who have profited from housing development in Stowmarket, to provide a portacabin type temporary building- such as those we see on every building site - which can be kitted out as football changing rooms. I hope these companies will see this as an opportunity to contribute to the local community.

'I am also requesting Mid Suffolk District Council to do whatever is necessary to provide the necessary planning permissions to permit a temporary building of this type on Chilton Fields.

'If this initiative is successful it will bridge the gap for the football community until such time as they can be provided with permanent facilities on an alternative site. We must break the stalemate and move forward on this vital issue for our local footballers.'