Ruffley Meets Pensioners In Age Concern 'Voice And Choice' Initiative

Tuesday, 11 March, 2003

David Ruffley will be meeting pensioners in his constituency at the invitation of Age Concern on Friday, 14 March. The meeting is being held at 12.00 noon in the Friends Meeting House in Bury St Edmunds.

The meeting was arranged as part of the 'Voice and Choice' initiative developed by Age Concern. This aims to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills to enable older people to play a greater part in decisions that affect their lives.

Age Concern has been encouraging pensioners to contact their MP to raise issues that concern them. David suggested a meeting in Bury St Edmunds to enable as many pensioners as possible to put their views to him directly and have the opportunity to discuss issues that concern them.

Many of the issues that are expected to be raised relate to social services and care issues in general. The level of pensions will also be a hot topic.

David said: 'Encouraging pensioners to air their views and giving them the opportunity to do so directly with their MP is an excellent idea and I congratulate Age Concern on what they are doing to achieve this in my constituency. Pensioners who have worked hard all their lives deserve to be heard and given a fair deal.'