Ruffley to meet with Eastgate residents over A14 noise reduction campaign

Monday, 14 July, 2008

David Ruffley MP will meet representatives of the Eastgate Ward Community Association on Friday 18 July to plan the next moves in the campaign for noise reduction measures along the Eastgate ward stretch of the A14.

Local councillors, Patricia Warby, Stefan Oliver and Frank Warby have been invited to attend.

Some of the worst noise pollution is suffered by residents of Barwell Road which faces the A14.

Earlier this year the Highways Agency published its review of the RPS Report 2001 which recommended which stretches of the A14 should have acoustic barriers installed. However, because the houses in Barwell Road were not built until 2006, they were excluded from the review.

David said: 'I have had considerable correspondence with the Highways Agency and the Department for Transport Minister on this issue but so far they have not conceded that noise reduction measures are needed on the Eastgate ward stretch of the A14.

'Friday's meeting is taking place at a house in Barwell Road during the afternoon rush hour so I will hear for myself exactly what residents have to put up with.

'Following the meeting on Friday I anticipate calling the Highways Agency to a site meeting so they too can experience the level of noise from the A14. My constituents have suffered long enough. They were deprived of any consideration in the Highways Agency review. It is now time for the Highways Agency to give them the consideration they are due.'