Ruffley launches Suffolk broadband survey

Monday, 11 January, 2010

David Ruffley MP has launched a new survey at to learn more about broadband connection speeds in his constituency.

Many residents in Suffolk are dissatisfied with the connection speeds their exchange currently offers and, therefore, David has launched a new survey to highlight which areas of the constituency are most in need of attention from BT.

Suffolk County Council is currently running a 'Speed Up Suffolk' campaign to bring faster connections to the county and David is hoping the information he uncovers will help deliver better connections to those most in need.

David said:

'All too often Suffolk lags behind other areas of the country in terms of investment. I have launched this new survey because I want to put pressure on British Telecom to bring faster broadband connections to our county.

'Many people in our part of Suffolk, particularly in the rural areas complain of low speed connections and long waits for BT to deliver upgrades to their local exchange. Therefore, I have launched a new survey at in order to highlight those parts of my constituency most in need.

'A decent broadband connection is now essential for so many reasons- whether it be downloading the latest tracks to your iPod or running a business. I don't want to see Suffolk lag behind the rest of the country.'