Ruffley: 'Join Me in Campaign for International Trade Justice on 28 June in Bury St Edmunds

Tuesday, 17 June, 2003

David Ruffley has called a meeting in Bury St Edmunds as part of the '24 hours for Trade Justice' campaign. It will be held at St John's Church, St John's Street on Saturday, 28 June from 11.00-12.00 noon. Everyone interested in Trade Justice is welcome to attend. It has been organised in conjunction with the national campaign being run by CAFOD and Christian Aid.

David has sent a letter to all his constituents who have contacted him on trade justice inviting them to attend and updating them on what he has been doing both at home and abroad to support the cause. He has recently had meetings with the heads of the IMF and World Bank in Washington DC to lobby them on his constituents concerns.

David said: 'I am looking forward to a large attendance at this meeting to demonstrate just how concerned my constituents are about trade justice issues. I share the main goals of the Trade Justice Movement- a fair deal for poor countries on international trade. I receive a larger postbag on trade justice than on almost any other single issue. I regularly raise it with Government Ministers and policy makers in Washington DC and will continue to do so.'