Ruffley Fights to Keep Green Fields Green in Needham Market: Ruffley Receives Massive Needham Market Residents' Petition

Monday, 14 June, 2004

David Ruffley today released a copy of his letter to Andrew Good, Chief Executive of Mid Suffolk District Council, enclosing a petition he has received from local residents, led by Brian Crascall, opposing housing development on land adjoining Platten Close in Needham Market.

David said: 'There are over 150 signatures on this petition from Needham Market residents opposing development on this greenfield site. They have my support. Green fields near residents' homes should be given reasonable protection. I am holding the Council to account as much as I can.'

Text of letter to Andrew Good:

I have received the attached letter and petition from residents of Needham Market opposing housing development on the above site. I am supportive of what my constituents are saying.

I should be grateful to receive a detailed explanation of why a decision seems to have been made to encroach on green fields in Needham Market.

I look forward to receiving a full explanation at your very earliest convenience of what is going on in a form that I can send to the troubled petitioners.