Ruffley Calls On Suffolk County Council To Support St Edmunds Pre School And Sunshine Club

Friday, 28 March, 2003

David Ruffley MP has written a strong supporting letter to Suffolk County Council asking for them to provide a grant to St Edmunds Pre School and Sunshine Club.

David said, 'I have been in regular contact with the Vice Chairman of the Committee of the St Edmunds Catholic Pre School and Sunshine Club, Mrs Suzie Haworth in trying to gain funding for this outstanding project. The Committee has worked extremely hard to secure funding from various sources including the New Opportunities Fund and the Countryside Agency.

'The local community would greatly benefit from the additional 104 pre-school places that could be introduced if the County Council will offer funding. Pre-school places are vitally needed in the community and this is an excellent project which will ease the situation.

'I strongly urge the Council to offer this funding. The project is time critical. The funds that have already been secured will have to be returned if the time limit for their funds expires.'